Friday, September 2, 2016

So right now I am a #PrincesHouseConsultant. I LOVE the product. Some of it is a little expensive but I look at it this way, 'One day I will be able to afford anything out of its' catalog that I want! I will furnish and decorate me brand new house with the products that I have come to love so much!' When I give people catalogs, a few of them have said, 'this stuff is expensive but ooohhh, this is nice!' To me, that is a possible sell! But don't just take my word for it, see for yourself!!


Friday, September 25, 2015


Every time I apply for a job online, I get calls from everybody except the company that I applied to. It is usually a call from a financial institute and I have to explain every time that I have a student loan in default. I would love to pay on it but I CAN NOT FIND A JOB!!
This brings tears to my eyes. I get so frustrated.
I also get calls supposedly from the 'US Government' saying that they have been trying to send me money that belongs to me, $7,000 and some change, but I have to send $200.00 in order for them to put it on my debit card. (SIGH).
And my favorite: a healthcare company that says I qualify for money from an operation that I supposedly had (I forget what part of my organ it was- I think 'bladder', and I tell them all the time that I have NEVER had that operation before, yet they continue to call. (Sigh). What the hell is going on?

Thursday, September 24, 2015


March 2016 I will have been out of work for two years. This is the longest I have ever been out of work. Can you say 'frustrating'? How about, 'depressing'? Every day I struggle to keep my head up. Some mornings, I pray. Some mornings I cry. Other mornings I pray & cry. I do declare God ain't listening to me. I do not know what my future holds. I can not see how my future looks. I do not know how to live. I go to church every Sunday; a leader in the church to be exact. I sit & watch while everyone a round me receive blessing after blessing after blessing, while I struggle financially just to make it to Bible study sometimes. I do feel, sometimes, that God is going to help me to pull through. Or is that it? My faith is 'sometimey'?
I pray that some day. I will read this entry just to see how far I will have come.  #GodHelpMe

Friday, May 1, 2015

Baltimore's Mother or the year

Big ups to Toya Graham, the Baltimore mother who was captured on video knocking her son upside his head for trying to participate in the Freddie Gray riots there. But I propose a question to whomever is willing to listen. When I went upside my children heads for acting up in school or doing something they were not supposed to be doing, I was threatened with a 'child protective service' visit. Did I not do the same thing to my child that Toya Graham did to hers? Where's my 'mother of the year' award? I was told that spanking is abusive. Well if 'spanking', is abusive, what is it that Toya Graham did to her son? America is praising her actions right now but on the other hand, what is America going to do when the riots are over and someone else is captured whooping or laying hands on their child? Are they going to become national hero's too?Now it may seem that I am coming off as a hater but that is far from the truth. Toya Graham is my shero because she exposed a form of punishment that many black mothers use when our children are out of hand. It is just something that we have to do and no law is going to change that. When our kids are in the wrong we do something about it regardless if it means jail time or a removal from the home. It is just what we do  and some folk call it 'abusive'. Please, on behalf of Toya Graham and black mothers across the land, let us chastise our own children accordingly. I pray that we do not have to go upside out children heads. But if a parent refuses to disciplined an unruly child then the child will grow up to be unruly.
(Proverbs 13:24).
Toya Graham prevented her child from being unruly. And at the end of the day, the child was thankful and understood that his mother was only looking out for him.
So that is my say so. What so you think?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Who am I to say no??

It has been nearly three years since I have blogged. The last time I blogged was here on Blogger about an experience that I was going through on my job. That blog cost me that job. It took a while for me to even have the desire to blog again. But now I understand that I need to blog about something that is passionate to me which is my desire to have a relationship with the #TrueAndLivingGod #Jehovah. I want to be able to serve Him in confidence and boldness. I want Him to clean me up and make me pure. I can only ask these things of #Jehovah so I do.
After having a conversation with my daughter today, I tried to research a Bible verse that referenced the conversation that we had when suddenly I had the strong urge to blog about my experiences in the church of #JesusChrist. I want to begin by saying that never would I imagine that I would be worshiping our Lord and Savior outside of four walls. But years ago, I found myself in a small church that worshiped outside. I had been searching for a church because it had been years since I had step foot in one. And besides, I had just lost my job and had no where to go after the marshals made me leave my apartment. So when God said, "try me!" I did and in a short period of time, I found myself training to be a leader in the church. I was the praise and worship leader, I participated in baptism ceremonies, I helped prepare the Holy Communion, I prepared the church certificates and something that I did not care too much about, outreach. I did this all without any church experience other than sitting on a pew every now and then.
So during this time, the leaders in the church had been discussing going out to the communities to witness to the people about the #GoodNews. I personally felt that I was not ready, that I did not know the Word enough to tell the people what they needed to know. Finally, the pastor targeted #EastOverShoppingCenter in OxonHill, Md. . I was not too thrilled about that even though we worshiped only a few blocks away from there. For me, at the time, there was something about doing outreach and talking about the 'goodness' and then your weed man walk up to you in front of everybody and ask if you are straight, which, at #EastOver, there was a ninety-five percent chance of that happening.

My real journey started here

Weeks had gone by before anyone spoke of doing outreach at #EastOver. I tried everything that I could to avoid talking about the outing. When we got an invitation from another church to help celebrate their six year anniversary I thought that it was the perfect thing to take our minds off of it. I was excited because not only was it the perfect thing but because the pastor of that church was one of my favorite speakers. PastorTimothyProctor was a very powerful speaker.
As I was enjoying the evening at the anniversary, I can not tell you when the conversation of preaching outside of #EastOver shopping center came into place. I do remember sitting straight up in my chair when PastorTimothyProctor stood up and said #JehovahGod told him to preach outside of #EastOver years ago!! I remember hearing the screams of praises throughout the church at the confirmation of what #JehovahGod wanted. I felt connected but I knew now that I had
to do outreach. I thought about it as the leaders of both churches, #RegenerationHouseOfPraise and #PrayerAndPraiseMinistries, made arrangements in front of an assembly of members from other churches, for PastorTimothyProctor to do his first sermon outside of #EastOver shopping center in two weeks.
To be continued . . .

I Forgot to publish this

It is a new year!! I realized that I have not blogged in nearly three years!!! It may have something to do with the fact that the last time I blogged about something I experenced on a job cost me that job. I have since learned to be careful about my words and how I say them. I pray that my words do not offend anyone. If so, please forgive me in advance.
I started out deleting older post but decided to keep the ones that I did not delete to show 'some' spiritual growth. Since I have been developing a relationship  with the #SupremeMakerAndRuler of all things, I want to learn to reference my life according to HisWord. While doing some research, trying to find a Bible verse to reference a conversation that I had with my daughter, I ended up here on BlogSpot with the sudden urge to blog about my growing experiences in the church.
I never thought that I would be worshiping and praising our #BlessedSavoir outside of four walls for all to see. But I found myself worshiping outside with a small church where I quickly became a worship leader in song and where I trained to become a 'leader' in the church. It was new for me however, I had not gone to church in years, let alone become a member. I knew that I needed to get back into church but now here I was, leading praise and worship, helping in preparing the holy communion, participating in baptism ceremonies and doing outreach all without any church experience other than sitting in the pew. 
I can honestly tell you that I remember saying to myself that I would NOT do any kind of outreach in or near #EastOverShoppingCenter (OxonHill,Md.) when my then pastor suggested that us 'leaders in training' would have to do outreach there. For me, there was something about seeing someone that knew your sinful ways. That place was a ground for running into someone that you had done some dirt with or' to' at some time or another. For weeks, the conversation about doing outreach at EastOver had died out. But we had been invited to celebrate the anniversary of another church. I was excited!! I loved the pastor of the church, he had always left an affect on me whenever he was a guest speaker of the church.

 On the first day out, which at the time I was visiting with another church to assist, it was very cold with sleet in the forecast and sheets of ice on the ground. That cold weather could not possibly stop the show, however, because PastorTimothyProctor was determined to finally do what #JehovahGod had told him to do years ago: set up outside of EastOver shopping center (OxonHillMd.) and preach #HisWord. So with no further delay, PastorTim set up a tent near one of the busiest entrance, place a few chairs under the tent, hooked the sound system to the battery of his truck for electricity and it was there that we gave up praises to the #TrueAndLivingGod for months. It was there where people from all works gathered together and had church. I became a member of #PrayerAndPraiseMinistries and endured many cold and hot temperatures. But I can assure you that I would not change a thing if I could! The pastor searched for places that would lend us shelter for whenever the weather became too much. The #PrinceGeorgesFireDepartment provided that shelter for us and when they got a call, the sirens did not stop the Word from being preached, nor did it douse our praises!! All praises belong to our redeeming Lord!!!
A more 'sunny' worship service.

Jehovah gave us shelter when weather was not cooperative.
It was not long before the blessings started pouring in. #Jehovah had given the church a van! He kept telling out pastor that people were coming, that we will be blessed beyond anything we could imagine. He never ceased to amaze me, as I continue to sit back and think of all the things that was revealed to us about what He, #Jehovah, was doing and going to do.
Not only did we worship at #EastOver, but we also performed community outreach, and still do, where we pass out bags of potatoes, onions, carrots, greens and sweet potatoes. During the Thanksgiving season, we provided baskets with a turkey and its trimmings to families in need. We are happy and always excited about these traditions and look forward to them in the new year

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


And so two days ago, I take

my BlackBerry in the

bathroom with me so that

the alarm would not

wake the house hold up while I

took my shower. BAD IDEA.

The key pad haven't worked Add Video

since and I'm miserable!!!!

I'm getting better with out my cell

phone, however I miss it something terrible!

It's not like I get a lot of phone calls anyway.

It's just that I miss having quick access

to the internet!!

That's what I missed the most.

I read some place that it takes

most BlackBerry's to dry out after a week.

But I also learned that trying

to charge the battery or keeping

the battery in after it has been

exposed to moisture can damage it

even more.


I REALLY needed to hear that!!

So this is where I am now.

But like I said, I am getting better as far

as missing the damn thing.

I just check my messages periodically

and so far, I haven't gotten ONE

new message since it came in contact

with the steam from the shower.

But that's the story of my life!!!

No one responds to my blogs and no one calls.

But still I rise!!!

Other than my dilema with my phone,

I am still making my way to the gym!!

So far, I've lost 10 lbs!

Can you believe it???

Ten pounds!!!!

I don't think I've EVER lost that much intentionally!!

Lately, I've been trying to convince myself

that I can work out at home and that

I don't need a gym.


I changed my mind quick fast since I gained

three pounds back.

I have since lost the three pounds by taking my

butt in that gym even when I don't feel like going.