Friday, September 25, 2015


Every time I apply for a job online, I get calls from everybody except the company that I applied to. It is usually a call from a financial institute and I have to explain every time that I have a student loan in default. I would love to pay on it but I CAN NOT FIND A JOB!!
This brings tears to my eyes. I get so frustrated.
I also get calls supposedly from the 'US Government' saying that they have been trying to send me money that belongs to me, $7,000 and some change, but I have to send $200.00 in order for them to put it on my debit card. (SIGH).
And my favorite: a healthcare company that says I qualify for money from an operation that I supposedly had (I forget what part of my organ it was- I think 'bladder', and I tell them all the time that I have NEVER had that operation before, yet they continue to call. (Sigh). What the hell is going on?

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