Thursday, January 1, 2015

Who am I to say no??

It has been nearly three years since I have blogged. The last time I blogged was here on Blogger about an experience that I was going through on my job. That blog cost me that job. It took a while for me to even have the desire to blog again. But now I understand that I need to blog about something that is passionate to me which is my desire to have a relationship with the #TrueAndLivingGod #Jehovah. I want to be able to serve Him in confidence and boldness. I want Him to clean me up and make me pure. I can only ask these things of #Jehovah so I do.
After having a conversation with my daughter today, I tried to research a Bible verse that referenced the conversation that we had when suddenly I had the strong urge to blog about my experiences in the church of #JesusChrist. I want to begin by saying that never would I imagine that I would be worshiping our Lord and Savior outside of four walls. But years ago, I found myself in a small church that worshiped outside. I had been searching for a church because it had been years since I had step foot in one. And besides, I had just lost my job and had no where to go after the marshals made me leave my apartment. So when God said, "try me!" I did and in a short period of time, I found myself training to be a leader in the church. I was the praise and worship leader, I participated in baptism ceremonies, I helped prepare the Holy Communion, I prepared the church certificates and something that I did not care too much about, outreach. I did this all without any church experience other than sitting on a pew every now and then.
So during this time, the leaders in the church had been discussing going out to the communities to witness to the people about the #GoodNews. I personally felt that I was not ready, that I did not know the Word enough to tell the people what they needed to know. Finally, the pastor targeted #EastOverShoppingCenter in OxonHill, Md. . I was not too thrilled about that even though we worshiped only a few blocks away from there. For me, at the time, there was something about doing outreach and talking about the 'goodness' and then your weed man walk up to you in front of everybody and ask if you are straight, which, at #EastOver, there was a ninety-five percent chance of that happening.

My real journey started here

Weeks had gone by before anyone spoke of doing outreach at #EastOver. I tried everything that I could to avoid talking about the outing. When we got an invitation from another church to help celebrate their six year anniversary I thought that it was the perfect thing to take our minds off of it. I was excited because not only was it the perfect thing but because the pastor of that church was one of my favorite speakers. PastorTimothyProctor was a very powerful speaker.
As I was enjoying the evening at the anniversary, I can not tell you when the conversation of preaching outside of #EastOver shopping center came into place. I do remember sitting straight up in my chair when PastorTimothyProctor stood up and said #JehovahGod told him to preach outside of #EastOver years ago!! I remember hearing the screams of praises throughout the church at the confirmation of what #JehovahGod wanted. I felt connected but I knew now that I had
to do outreach. I thought about it as the leaders of both churches, #RegenerationHouseOfPraise and #PrayerAndPraiseMinistries, made arrangements in front of an assembly of members from other churches, for PastorTimothyProctor to do his first sermon outside of #EastOver shopping center in two weeks.
To be continued . . .

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