Thursday, January 1, 2015

I Forgot to publish this

It is a new year!! I realized that I have not blogged in nearly three years!!! It may have something to do with the fact that the last time I blogged about something I experenced on a job cost me that job. I have since learned to be careful about my words and how I say them. I pray that my words do not offend anyone. If so, please forgive me in advance.
I started out deleting older post but decided to keep the ones that I did not delete to show 'some' spiritual growth. Since I have been developing a relationship  with the #SupremeMakerAndRuler of all things, I want to learn to reference my life according to HisWord. While doing some research, trying to find a Bible verse to reference a conversation that I had with my daughter, I ended up here on BlogSpot with the sudden urge to blog about my growing experiences in the church.
I never thought that I would be worshiping and praising our #BlessedSavoir outside of four walls for all to see. But I found myself worshiping outside with a small church where I quickly became a worship leader in song and where I trained to become a 'leader' in the church. It was new for me however, I had not gone to church in years, let alone become a member. I knew that I needed to get back into church but now here I was, leading praise and worship, helping in preparing the holy communion, participating in baptism ceremonies and doing outreach all without any church experience other than sitting in the pew. 
I can honestly tell you that I remember saying to myself that I would NOT do any kind of outreach in or near #EastOverShoppingCenter (OxonHill,Md.) when my then pastor suggested that us 'leaders in training' would have to do outreach there. For me, there was something about seeing someone that knew your sinful ways. That place was a ground for running into someone that you had done some dirt with or' to' at some time or another. For weeks, the conversation about doing outreach at EastOver had died out. But we had been invited to celebrate the anniversary of another church. I was excited!! I loved the pastor of the church, he had always left an affect on me whenever he was a guest speaker of the church.

 On the first day out, which at the time I was visiting with another church to assist, it was very cold with sleet in the forecast and sheets of ice on the ground. That cold weather could not possibly stop the show, however, because PastorTimothyProctor was determined to finally do what #JehovahGod had told him to do years ago: set up outside of EastOver shopping center (OxonHillMd.) and preach #HisWord. So with no further delay, PastorTim set up a tent near one of the busiest entrance, place a few chairs under the tent, hooked the sound system to the battery of his truck for electricity and it was there that we gave up praises to the #TrueAndLivingGod for months. It was there where people from all works gathered together and had church. I became a member of #PrayerAndPraiseMinistries and endured many cold and hot temperatures. But I can assure you that I would not change a thing if I could! The pastor searched for places that would lend us shelter for whenever the weather became too much. The #PrinceGeorgesFireDepartment provided that shelter for us and when they got a call, the sirens did not stop the Word from being preached, nor did it douse our praises!! All praises belong to our redeeming Lord!!!
A more 'sunny' worship service.

Jehovah gave us shelter when weather was not cooperative.
It was not long before the blessings started pouring in. #Jehovah had given the church a van! He kept telling out pastor that people were coming, that we will be blessed beyond anything we could imagine. He never ceased to amaze me, as I continue to sit back and think of all the things that was revealed to us about what He, #Jehovah, was doing and going to do.
Not only did we worship at #EastOver, but we also performed community outreach, and still do, where we pass out bags of potatoes, onions, carrots, greens and sweet potatoes. During the Thanksgiving season, we provided baskets with a turkey and its trimmings to families in need. We are happy and always excited about these traditions and look forward to them in the new year

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